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January 2020

We’re Living longer and longer and longer…

We are living in the best time ever in human history. Sure, it may not seem that way sometimes with everything that is shown in the media, but I truly believe it is. We’re blessed to have instant access to food, worldwide communication through a few clicks with your fingers, technology that helps us when we are hurt and to heal and discover potential problems. And it’s only getting better….. Humans have never lived as long as we are today and life [...]

Stories from the heart

If your heart was to tell you a story, what would it say? Over the next 24 hours, your heart will beat 90,000 times and pump about 7500 litres of blood throughout the 100,000 kilometers of blood vessels in your body. I hope your heart says: “hey Me, everything looks good from in here. All systems go!” February is heart month. Your body is a very intricate and interdependent system. Every part of your body, every organ, every system, depends on the the correct function [...]

10 ways to turbocharge your brain

The human brain. One of the most powerful yet mysterious things we know (or don’t know) of. Weighing around 3 pounds and made up of about 60% fat, your brain contains roughly 100,000 miles of blood vessels along with 100 BILLION neurons! Consciously and subconsciously, your brain takes care of you: Breathing, thinking, sleep, voluntary movement, coordination, balance, problem solving, judgement, motor function, sensation, handwriting, body position, memory, hearing and our visual system… these are only some of the many functions involving your [...]

Your circle of Influence

Do you know that you are the average of the five people you associate with most? You start to think and act like the people you spend the most time with. So, do you think it’s important you select the right people to be in your life? Are the people in your life aligned with your goals? Will they help you break through the barriers you encounter? Will they set you back on the right path if you fall off? Think back [...]