Back to Basics: Eat – Sleep – Move

Back to Basics: Eat – Sleep – Move

Back to Basics: Eat – Sleep – Move

When you think of something as basic, it is the essential foundation or starting point. The fundamentals. The basics are the essential facts or principles.

Society obeys certain basic rules. We learn the basics of a subject or skill.

As humans, we’ve developed basic principles for virtually everything. But, as we introduce more and more complexity into our lives, we tend to trivialize the basics.

We tend to make something seem less important, less significant, or more complex than it really is.

Nature never deviates from her basic laws. One of nature’s laws has always been survival of the fittest.

Survival of the fittest doesn’t always mean a violent struggle for survival. Nor does it necessarily mean the strongest or most aggressive. Survival of the fittest can be camouflage, cleverness, or a high level of cooperation. Survival of the fittest can also mean discipline and self-care.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic we are facing today in the world, survival of the fittest is the high-level of love and cooperation induced around the globe. And, given that we are facing an immune compromising virus, survival of the fittest can go back to the basics of your self-care.

What you do daily – your basics, your fundamentals – this is your foundation. The basics of eating, sleeping, and exercise are your pillars of strength.

Yes, we all live in our specific environments, but, nothing affects you and your immune system more than what you eat and drink, the duration and quality of your sleep, and the amount of physical exercise you’re getting daily.

You are what you eat (and drink)

Whole foods, simple foods, food and ingredients that you can pronounce – these are great. Leafy greens, lots of color, complex carbohydrates, lean protein, healthy fats. Simplify your categories and listen to your body.

Drink lots of water. Water not only flushes toxins out of your body, virtually every function of your body is aided by water – digestion, movement, brain function.

Ever wake up in the morning and, right away, drink a tall glass of water? All of a sudden, instantly, you feel more awake and a have sudden burst of energy.

Getting your Zzz’z

Put very simply, your body needs enough time to repair, recuperate, and regenerate so you can perform your best.

Coupled with what you eat and drink, your body’s repair, recuperation, and regeneration will follow suit and be optimized with adequate amounts of rest.

I’ve never been the best with sleep because I’ve always thought that the later I stay up, the more I can get done. Then it’s the next morning, after a few extra hours of sabotage, that I realize that those extra hours are just not worth it.

Old habits can be hard to break but imagine the difference it can make? Avoiding nighttime calories, getting enough rest, waking up feeling happy, and perhaps even losing weight in the process.

Things that might help out: turn the TV off, put the devices away, or even assign somebody in the house to make sure you go to bed! (that last one might be a little bit painful and create some arguments, but it works, trust me.)

Get on the move!

Your brain will thank you and your body will thank you. You will be stronger, more agile, and move with fluidity. Movement is the defence against aches and pains. Movement stimulates the ‘grease’ in your joints.

When it comes to your body, use it or lose it is an appropriate statement. An unused muscle will atrophy over time but consistent use and movement will keep it strong and functioning.

But, whatever you do – light, heavy, long, short – always make sure to get some stretching in to prevent injuries and keep flexible.

Keep it Simple.

Keeping mindful of the basics and creating positive habits will do wonders for you over a long period of time.

Paying attention to your health is inevitable. If you don’t do it now, you will do it later. I believe that if you do it now, later will be a whole lot easier.

Keep it simple. Keep it basic. Live your best life!

Contributed by:

Robbie Bagry


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