Natural Factors Total Body Collagen, 180 tabs

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Collagen is vital for wound healing and helps maintain healthy blood vessels and
bone mineral density through its effects on bone-building cells (osteoblasts) and

Verisol is a form of hydrolyzed collagen, where the bonds between proteins and peptides have been loosened, supporting their absorption. Hydrolyzed collagen can help prevent the breakdown of elastin fibres and encourage homogenous distribution of these fibres in the dermis for healthier skin.

Vitamin C is essential for collagen production and is needed for hydroxylation, a process that prevents collagen from becoming deformed, weak, and damaged. Collagen synthesis also relies on biotin and essential amino acids including L-glutamine and L-tryptophan. These nutrients work together, alongside hyaluronic acid, to guard against the breakdown of elastin fibres and to support the healthy production of collagen fibres for strong, supple, and resilient tissues.

Vitamin C and collagen also act as antioxidants to help protect against oxidative damage to cells and to inhibit the breakdown of connective tissue and bone. Collagen and hyaluronic acid help maintain hydration in the skin and joints, reducing visible signs of aging and helping to cushion joints and reduce joint pain associated with osteoarthritis.

Biotin, and the essential amino acids glutamine and tryptophan, are required for numerous metabolic and biochemical processes including protein synthesis, immune function, energy metabolism, and recovery after exercise and physical trauma.

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