New Roots Human Probiotics Colonizing Formula 42 Billion+ 12 Human Strains, 30 Vcaps

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Our unique, high-potency, broad-spectrum formula features an exclusive blend of human-sourced probiotics proven to colonize within the intestines for great health benefits.

Human Probiotics is formulated with 12 human-sourced probiotic strains, potency-validated with 42 billion colony-forming units (CFUs) per enteric-coated capsule. Isolated from healthy individuals, these therapeutic strains are proven to colonize within the entire gastrointestinal tract. Seven Lactobacillus strains drive the digestive process, with a focus on nutrient breakdown and assimilation. Five Bifidobacterium strains embed within the mucosal lining of the large intestine, where they colonize to benefit your health.

Transient probiotics of both dairy and plant origin serve many therapeutic niches; however, Human Probiotics serves to populate the entire intestinal tract with a foundation of beneficial probiotics to build upon for your health and vitality.

Our formula is potency-validated to contain 42 billion CFUs per enteric-coated capsule. It’s excellent for reestablishment of healthy intestinal flora following sickness or antibiotic use, or for long-term wellness management.

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