New Roots Probiotics Recovery 120 Billion, 30 caps

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Our high-potency (120 billion CFUs) formula populates the entire gut with 20 distinct probiotic species, including 11 human strains. It reestablishes the dominance of beneficial strains that can be decimated by frequent antibiotic use.

The strain selection in Probiotics Recovery reflects probiotic species that deliver maximum benefits to the host organism: you. With this in mind, a probiotic does not have to be of human origin to be beneficial; however, probiotic species of human origin exhibit the capacity to survive intestinal transit. This characteristic allows them to colonize and exert their benefits at multiple sites within the entire gastrointestinal tract. Probiotics Recovery includes the strength and diversity in excess of 51 billion live probiotic cells stemming from 11 scientifically proven human probiotic strains; more than 47 billion live probiotic cells from 2 scientifically proven plant strains; and more than 21 billion live probiotic cells from 7 scientifically proven dairy strains.

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