ph Structured Silver Liquid 30ppm, 473ml

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Clinically Analyzed

In a first of its kind epigenetic study done on silver, ex vivo human skin samples were wounded, and then treated with pH Structured Silver. The entire complement of human genes (20,000+) was analyzed, and four days post-wound showed statistically very significant changes in gene expression in wounded skin tissues versus controlled.

Of the 88 genes widely recognized in wound healing, 59 of these genes were regulated with more than a 2x expression. One example, dermcidin – which has been shown to be lacking in the skin of psoriasis patients and other inflammatory/infectious skin conditions like acne – was expressed over 9-fold, showing that pH Structured Silver enhances anti-inflammatory and immune modulating genes.

pH Structured Silver – A New Standard For Today’s Oral Silver Solution

Molecular Structuring Technology

A new methodology based on biochemistry and biophysics using energetically structured water and silver nanoparticles enabled us to produce a pure, safe, bioavailable, and effective form of colloidal silver called “structured silver”. It has a specific nanoparticle size, electron configuration, magnetic resonance, and pH level.

Looks, Smells, and Tastes Like Water

It has only 2 ingredients – 99.9970% molecularly structured water with 0.0030% silver nanoparticles — and is free of additives, preservatives, or any other artificial ingredients. It has an exceptionally low dyne count enabling quicker absorption with a high zeta potential ensuring the silver will not fall out of solution.

pH Balanced

pH Structured silver is formulated to have a mild alkaline pH level of 7.3 – 7.5 for optimal performance at the cellular level.

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