Proline Overkill Preworkout – Peach Mango, 504g

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Each serving of OVERKILL contains 88% active ingredients and a whooping 25.2g serving size per
full scoop, making it the strongest pre-workout in the industry today. Formulated using no fillers, binders, gums, or other pixie-dusted ingredients, OVERKILL hits within minutes of taking your first serving, delivering explosive energy and mind-lock mental focus.

OVERKILL industry changing formula delivers multiple energy source to fuel your workouts for 2 and 3 times that of competitors products. Skin bursting pumps, increased stamina and strength OVERKILL will take your workout to levels you have never experienced and help you achieve your goals in record time. 100% Transparent Formula PROLINE is pulling back the curtain to show you exactly what goes into each of our products. Every one of our scientifically based ingredients is at a clinical dose and disclosed to the milligram—even flavours and sweeteners are listed. You hold yourself to the highest standards, so it’s time to demand the same from your supplements.

Citrulline Malate (2:1)
Citrulline Malate works by powering ATP production and by eliminating Lactic Acid and Ammonia from the blood. Malate conditions the recycling of lactate and pyruvate and is part of the kreb cycle and can supply instant and sustained energy. While Citrulline acts to increase NO and to eliminate performance inhibiting metabolic toxins, the Malate part keeps our energy cycle going. Citrulline Malate also aids in recovery. Citrulline Malate stimulates phosphocreatine recovery after exercise, meaning faster recuperation between workouts, and muscles that are primed for growth and your next training session.

Beta Alanine
Beta-alanine is a non-proteogenic amino acid, It combines with the amino acid histidine to form a dipeptide called
carnosine. Carnosine acts as a buffer to help delay the onset of lactic acid and muscle fatigue and failure, while building endurance and improving recovery.

This is a conditionally essential amino acid found in the brain, heart, and skeletal muscles. Research has shown that it increases endurance and work capacity and reduces muscle soreness. Taurine also helps the body utilize electrolytes, helping the entire OVERKILL formula work synergistically to maximize performance. Taurine also works synergistically with caffeine where both improve physical and mental performance, which is why they are often used together in energy drinks. Taurine also boosts physical performance by helping the flow of glucose to the muscles, which also has a protein-sparing effect.

Betaine (Trimethylglycine)
This is an organic osmolyte found in many foods, including spinach, beets, and whole grains. Betaine has been shown to help increase muscle, build strength, improve endurance, and even increase nitric oxide. OVERKILL contains 2 grams of betaine in each serving. Test subjects taking betaine daily gained an incredible 5.3 pounds of lean body mass in 6 weeks!

This amino acid is found in the central nervous system and works as a catalyst in many of the body’s everyday
functions dealing with nerves and muscles in the central nervous system. Glycine is vital to the production of creatine, which increases ATP, collagen, nucleic acids, glucose, and hemoglobin, which is critical for oxygen utilization. It also exerts an inhibitory influence on the central nervous system and works synergistically with the entire OVERKILL formula.

Agmatine Sulfate
This is a by-product of the amino acid arginine, which increases nitric oxide by modulating the enzyme nitric oxide
synthase, which gives you better pumps and nutrient delivery to your working muscles! Research has shown that it may act on hormones such as luteinizing hormone (LH) and growth hormone (GH) while providing antioxidant and nootropic support, which are all key to getting the best workout of your life.

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