We’re Living longer and longer and longer…

We’re Living longer and longer and longer…

We are living in the best time ever in human history. Sure, it may not seem that way sometimes with everything that is shown in the media, but I truly believe it is.

We’re blessed to have instant access to food, worldwide communication through a few clicks with your fingers, technology that helps us when we are hurt and to heal and discover potential problems.

And it’s only getting better…..

Humans have never lived as long as we are today and life expectancy is only going to get greater. The better we take care of ourselves today, the more likely we are to ensure ourselves a better tomorrow.

In the year my dad was born, the average life expectancy in the country of his birth was 36 years. This past year he just turned 70…

Will it soon be common that we live to be 120, 130?

The ultimate freedom is to move and think completely on your own. Just like a mechanical object, it’s important to take care of the machine so we can continue to use it and get benefit from it for a long time to come.

We can even get replacement parts for our bodies today, but, that’s a different discussion.

What can we do to ensure longevity and live our best life possible?

  1. Make wise food choices.
  2. Don’t smoke
  3. Breath deeply or meditate
  4. Take your vitamins and get enough vitamin D
  5. Enjoy physical and mental activity everyday
  6. Challenge your brain by always learning and trying new things
  7. Floss and brush regularly. Our mouths carry a lot of bacteria
  8. Have a strong social network
  9. Maintain a healthy weight and body shape
  10. Follow preventative care and screening guidelines.

Living our best life possible isn’t rocket science but we do have to pay attention to daily habits. Make it fun and build it into your routine. Miss a day of something? That’s ok, don’t beat yourself up, just get back on track.


Live your life for yourself first. That may sound selfish but the truth in the matter is that if you’re not at your best for yourself, how can you be at your best for others?


Go Beyond!

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