Nothing Good Happens After 9:PM

Nothing Good Happens After 9:PM

Nothing good happens after 9PM


Rejecting your present in favour of a bigger and better future. 

Throughout the course of our lives, we develop methods, procedures, and systems which serve our objectives, the best way possible, given our present circumstances.

One problem is that, as human beings, we are creatures of habit. Once we develop a certain way that we do something, it’s through great difficulty that we change what has served us so well in the past.

In most cases, we simply continue to struggle through the same steps over and over because we never actually recognize that something we previously developed for ourselves no longer serves us well.


Mindset Shift

A quick change in mindset is to learn to embrace rejection.

If, for a moment, you can pause and look inwards, you give yourself the opportunity to evaluate how things are going and are then able to reject ideas and methods that no longer serve you well in the present.

By rejecting your underserving present, you give yourself the freedom and permission to develop new ways to enhance your bigger and better future.


Just go to bed

‘Nothing good happens after 9PM’ is a mindset that I had to develop once realizing that the “hustle and grind” way of doing things no longer served me well.

Hustle and grind worked so well for many years… until it didn’t. And, what happened after is that the long developed habit continued to appear over and over again, for various reasons, although it wasn’t beneficial anymore.

The habit was never changed because, as a creature of habit, I don’t see the need to change something that has always served me so well. My developed habit once produced great results so why should it not again?


Fear of change 

This type of thinking comes from fear… fear of change… because now I have to learn some new stuff and I have to develop new ways of doing that stuff… that takes a little bit of extra work…


More Positive Outcomes

Reinvention of yourself in a certain area tends to have a ripple effect and improve other areas of your life too.

In my case of rejecting old methods in favour of developing new habits, I gained an improvement in: sleep, energy, mood, thinking, and creativity.

Changing late night habits stopped the late night cravings, which led to weight loss, lower sugar and cholesterol levels, overall better health, and a more pleasant person to be around.


Feeling stuck?

If you’re happy doing what you’ve always done and are happy getting the results that you’ve always gotten, then, there’s no need to change…

If you feel stuck and can’t figure out why you can’t improve on your results, then stop and take a moment to pause… look inwards…

Embrace rejection…

Live your best life!



Contributed by:

Robbie Bagry


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