3 Brains Brilliant Mind – Cognitive Health & Brain Function, 90 gels


3 Brains Brilliant Mind – Cognitive Health & Brain Function, 90 gels

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Brilliant Mind is specifically formulated to support cognitive and cardiovascular health by combining nutrients that nourish both the brain and heart. Omega-3 fatty acids support cardiovascular health, enhance cognitive function, and have anti-inflammatory properties. Phospholipids provide the building blocks for healthy brain cells, and green tea extract provides antioxidant support.

  • Takes a whole-body approach to mental health and cognition
  • Designed to provide additional support to anyone using the Daily Brain™ kit BENEFITS
  • Supports brain function and cardiovascular health • Helps build and protect healthy brain cells
  • Boosts cognitive function
  • Supports mood, memory, and brain power
  • Enhances focus and mental stamina TARGET MARKET
  • Anyone looking to increase mental stamina, cognitive function, memory, and mental acuity
  • Adults dealing with both mental and physical stress
  • Young adults looking for a “whole body” approach to cognitive health
  • Individuals who would like to support their cognitive and cardiovascular function

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