Health is Wealth Gut Mend – Digestive Health, 150g

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  • RELIEVES GUT INFLAMMATION: Our product contains a natural amino acid, herbal and flavonoid ingredient formulation that moistens the mucous membranes and coats the stomach lining absorbing toxins and combating inflammation in the tissue which is beneficial for the gut lining.
  • HELPS SUPPORT LEAKY GUT: This product helps support leaky gut, which develops when particles leak outside tiny openings in the gut lining, allowing them to enter the bloodstream where they can trigger autoimmune reactions. It helps to seal the tight junctions in the gut and helps restore the stomach lining to an optimal state even faster.
  • RELIEVES UPSET STOMACH AND INDIGESTION: GutMEND helps boost the production of digestive bile and nourishes the digestive tract, improving gut flora and restoring proper gut health. This product helps relax the digestive tract smooth muscle tissue, thus relieving digestive problems. It helps improve indigestion and reduces flatulence.
  • ADVANCED DIGESTIVE HEALTH POWDER: We offer a high quality, pure and unflavored gut health powder. This product is probiotic free. One of the biggest challenges with probiotics is their fragile nature. They must survive the process of manufacturing, storage, and survive the trip through stomach acid and bile in order to be effective and colonize your gut. Therefore, this product does not have the same challenges as posed by probiotics.
  • NATURAL GINGER FLAVOR: GutMEND is an unflavored natural health supplement, however, this product contains organic ginger and therefore has a notable ginger odor and flavor. The ginger flavor is best masked by adding sweeteners such as sugar or honey and/or mixing this product into cold or hot beverages such as smoothies, juices, coffee and tea.
  • SOLD BY WEIGHT AND NOT BY VOLUME: “The container is only half full!” This is a common misconception. After manufacturing and during transit, the powder settles in the container and also, custom sizes of containers are not always available. Natural health powders are sold by weight and there is a guaranteed number of 30 servings per month per 150g container of GutMEND. This product is sold as a 1 month supply.
  • MADE IN CANADA: Health IS Wealth GutMEND supplement is exclusively manufactured in an accredited and Health Canada licensed, good manufacturing practice (GMP) certified facility. Our premium product is a safe natural health product and contains an effective 5 grams dose per serving. It is vegetarian, gluten free and contains organic ingredients.

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