Naked Organs Grass Fed Bison Liver – 500mg, 180 caps

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  • Another powerhouse of nutrition is the liver. Especially coming from the strength of a grass-fed bison. All the blood leaving the stomach and intestines passes through the liver. The liver filters (cleans) the blood, removing toxins and waste that eventually leave the body through urine and feces. A high functioning liver is key to overall health of the body.
  • The liver is stated as being the highest form of nutrient dense food there is. Heme Iron is found in liver. Non-heme iron, which accounts for the majority of the iron in plants, is less well absorbed. More than 95% of functional iron in the human body is in the form of heme. Heme should be considered an essential nutrient for humans. Vitamin D is essential to the absorption of Iron in the body. Iron deficiency can indicate low Vitamin D. Liver is rich in Vitamin D. High in rare forms of vitamin K2, people who have liver disease, cirrhosis and small intestine malabsorption (Crohn’s disease, IBS, colitis) may develop vitamin K deficiency because the body stores very little. Vitamin B12, copper, riboflavin and tremendous amounts of Vitamin A which is important for vision, immune system, reproduction, and growth and development.
  • With all these nutrient properties, ingesting liver will help with energy levels, hair/nail/skin growth, joints/tendons/ligaments/ connective tissue, faster collagen production with wound healing, endocrine function and immune regulation.
  • For women, it can help with their menstrual cycles. Less cramping, better mood regulation and emotional states, as well as faster recovery after period due to deficiencies presented from loss during menstrual cycle, the beneficial Heme Iron and nutrient profile.
  • Our organs are locally sourced from ranchers in Alberta, known for producing some of the best bison in the world!
  • These organs come from bison that are grass-fed & finished, ensuring that you get only the purest and highest-quality product. With no hormones, GMOs, pesticides, fillers, flow agents, or magnesium stearate in our liver

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