SavageLine Labs Tongkat Ali 500 mg, 60 caps

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Savage Line Labs Tongkat Ali is a herbal ingredient that is originally derived from the roots of the green shrub tree known as Eurycoma Longifolia Jack Extract. Tongkat Ali is a herbal ingredient that has been used for centuries in south east asia. Tongkat Ali has been used for a multitude of purposes and has shown to provide numerous benefits for the user. The benefits of tongkat ali stem from various compounds found in the plant.

Savage Line Labs Tongkat Ali is an extra strength formula that provides 500 mg of Tongkat Ali (root) – Eurycoma Longifolia Jack Extract per each serving.

Savage Line Labs Tongkat Ali provides many benefits for the male user.

Savage Line Labs Tongkat Ali 500mg contains 60 capsules per container, and with each serving size being one capsules, that means that there are 60 servings for each bottle

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