Whole Earth & Sea Sunflower Vitamin E – 400iu, 90 softgels


Whole Earth & Sea Sunflower Vitamin E – 400iu, 90 softgels

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Vitamin E helps protect cell membranes from free radicals, toxins, and environmental pollution. It is the most important fat-soluble antioxidant in the body and the primary defence against lipid peroxidation, particularly in tissues that contain high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as the brain and central nervous system. Vitamin E helps maintain cardiovascular and immune health, benefits the skin and eyes, helps prevent premature aging and chronic degenerative disease, and may also play a role in maintaining cognitive health. It also protects other vitamins (such as vitamins A and C) from oxidation. Vitamin E is particularly important for people with active lifestyles, as physical exertion increases production of free radicals.

Whole Earth & Sea Pure Food Sunflower Vitamin E contains Naturall-E vitamin E in the ideal, natural d-alpha tocopherol form. Derived from non-GMO sunflower seed oil, the formula is 100% soy-free and ideal for anyone looking to avoid soy-based vitamin E supplements.

Naturall-E is identity preserved, meaning the unique traits and quality characteristics of the sunflowers are protected, from the moment the seeds are planted until the crop is harvested, processed, and shipped. This includes preventing cross contamination by GMO seeds, and maintaining consistent levels of natural vitamin E.

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